About us.

Caysense was founded in 2018 by two Entrepreneurs working in the food industry.

Experience from working within the UK food industry enabled the brand a unique angle on how to sustainably source products from across the globe.

At Caysense, we have a simple vision. We are the brand that focuses on creating sustainable and responsibly sourced premium products for consumers.



What we do.


Our initial focus starts in the healthcare sector, where we’ve seen an opportunity to protect our planet and send a message that attunes to the more discerning consumers. Our hope is that ultimately, we can push the wider market, with your support, to focus more on how and where product is sourced to create a fairer world.

We use only the highest quality materials in our products as well as working vigorously to ensure what we do protects the environment along the way.

What we give.

We donate a portion of our profits annually to charities that are committed to protecting the environment and ecosystems.

We can’t wait to share our success stories.


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