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We feel its very important to not only reduce the impact on the environment, but to also ensure all of our products are cruelty free.


As a brand, our main focus is creating eco-friendly biodegradable products. We take great care, even with our packing solutions to ensure impact to the environment is reduced as much as physically possible or completely removed.


We are passionate about the environment which is why we donate 3% of all profits to sustainability causes across the globe.

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1. We have an environment first approach.  Whether its the packaging of our products or the product itself.  Our ability to reduce the impact on our environment is paramount.

2. We have a strict product selection process that looks at every aspect of the product’s origin.  This way we can ensure it meets the highest standards possible for our consumers.

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Whether its Amazon, Trustpilot or many others, our product continues to bring in amazing reviews from over 1,000 of products sold to date.  As a new company looking to contribue more to the market, we couldn’t be prouder to be ECO.  Our exclusive subscription service from our website brings you the best possible price and guaranteed quality that comes with every Caysense product.